The repository is about 100+ python programming exercise problem discussed, explained, and solved in different ways
By darkprinx

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Break The Ice With Python
A journey of 100+ simple yet interesting problems which are explained, solved, discussed in different pythonic ways


The exercise text contents of this repository was collected from GitHub account of zhiwehu. I collected it to practice and solve all the listed problems with python. Even after these collected problems are all set up, I will try to add more problems in near future. If you are a very beginner with python then I hope this 100+ exercise will help you a lot to get your hands free with python.

One will find the given problems very simple and easy to understand. A beginner can try 3-5 problems a day which will take a little time to solve but definitely will learn a couple of new stuff (no matter how lazy you are :P ). And after regular practice of only a month, one can find himself solved more than 100++ problems which are obviously not a deniable achievement.

In this repository, I will be gradually updating the codebase of the given problems with my own solutions. Also, I may try to explain the code and tell my opinion about the problem if needed. Main Authors solutions are in python 2 & my solutions will be in python 3. Every problem is divided into a template format which is discussed below. There is a discussion section so don't forget to share your opinion, ideas and feel free to discuss anything wrong or mistake

A Big Thanks to apurvmishra99 for contributing the repository by cleaning up the formatting of all Days_.md files. fixing some random errors, fixing some variable naming with PEP8 conventions, and adding a whole new folder of jupyter notebook of all 24 days.

100+ Python challenging programming exercises
1. Problem Template

2. Practice Status