30 Days of React

30 Days of React Content and Source Code
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30 Days of React

✨ An Introduction to React - in 30 Bite-Size Morsels ✨

Written by Fullstack.io and friends

? Introduction

Over the next 30 days, we'll walk through everything you need to know to work with React. From the very beginning through testing and deployment of our first app.

This repository contains the entire source and content for the article series of 30 Days of React hosted by the Fullstack React team.

? What's inside?

| What is React? | What is JSX? | Our First Components | Complex Components | Data-Driven |
| :---: | :---: | :---: | :---: | :---: |
| State | Lifecycle Hooks | Packaging and PropTypes | Styles | Interactivity |
| Pure Components | create-react-app | Repeating Elements | Fetching Remote Data | Introduction to Promises |
| Displaying Remote Data | Client-side Routing | Introduction to Flux | Data Management with Redux | Redux actions |
| Redux Middleware | Introduction to Testing | Implementing Tests | Testing the App | Better Testing with Enzyme |
| Integration Testing | Deployment Introduction | Deployment | Continuous Integration | Wrap-up and More Resources |

?‍? How to use this repository

Each day contains a full React application, following the same procedure used to create the article series. Most days can be run using the same basic steps (and for the days that require a bit more work, check out the tutorial series on the blog).

The steps run any 30 Days of React project are:

We can run these steps using the following commands:


install the dependencies

yarn install

start the project

yarn start

Since all of the days are built using the fantastic create-react-app tool, all of the commands are available from that project in every day.


| Ari | Nate Murray | Peter Ho Yeung Chan | Aaron |
| :---: | :---: | :---: | :---: |

Fullstack React Book

This repo was written and is maintained by the Fullstack React team. In the book we cover many more projects like this. We walk through each line of code, explain why it's there and how it works.

30 Days of React covers only the early basics of React. If you're looking to learn how to build real-world React apps, including libraries from the React ecosystem, there's no faster way than by spending a few hours with the Fullstack React book.