Terminal multiplexer inspired by i3
Under MIT License
By aaronjanse

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3mux is a terminal multiplexer with out-of-the-box support for search, mouse-controlled scrollback, and i3-like keybindings. Imagine tmux with a smaller learning curve and more user-friendly defaults.


Key Bindings

| Key(s) | Description
|Alt+EnterAlt+N | Create a new pane
|Alt+Shift+F | Make the selected pane fullscreen. Useful for copying text
|Alt+←/↓/↑/→Alt+h/j/k/l | Select an adjacent pane
|Alt+Shift+←/↓/↑/→Alt+Shift+h/j/k/l | Move the selected pane
|Alt+R | Enter resize mode. Resize selected pane with arrow keys or h/j/k/l. Exit using any other key(s)
|Alt+/ | Enter search mode. Type query, navigate between results with arrow keys or n/N
|Scroll | Move through scrollback
|Shift | Many terminal emulators support selecting text while pressing this key

Supported tmux Bindings

| Key(s) | Description
|Ctrl+b " | Split horizontally
|Ctrl+b % | Split vertically
|Ctrl+b { | Move pane left
|Ctrl+b } | Move pane right

Supported screen Bindings

| Key(s) | Description
|Ctrl+a \| | Split horizontally
|Ctrl+a S | Split vertically
|Ctrl+a Tab | Cycle forward through panes

Installation Instructions
Using Homebrew

brew update
brew install 3mux

Using Nix flakes (requires Nix 2.4+)

nix run github:aaronjanse/3mux

Package manager

Building from source

  1. Install Golang

  2. go get github.com/aaronjanse/3mux

  3. Run 3mux to launch the terminal multiplexer

To update 3mux, run go get -u github.com/aaronjanse/3mux


Warning: Arrow-key-controlled pane management is currently unsupported on Terminal.app. Please use the default vim-like keybindings instead.
Preferences > Profiles > Keyboard > Use Option as Meta Key


Preferences > Profiles > Keys > Option Key > Esc+


3mux searches XDG_CONFIG_HOME to find its config. If it cannot, it writes a config to ~/.config/3mux/config.toml upon the first run. Modifiers in shortcuts (e.g. Alt) are case-insensitive.

You can detect if you're running a script inside 3mux by checking if THREEMUX is equal to 1.


All help is welcome! You can help the project by filing issues recording what works well, what doesn't work well, and/or a feature you want. Pull Requests would be very much appreciated.

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