AdAway is a free and open source ad blocker for Android.
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AdAway is an open source ad blocker for Android using the hosts file and local vpn.

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There are two kinds of release:
* The preview builds: on the bleeding edge of development - for testers or adventurous
* The stable builds: ready for every day usage - for end users

Preview builds

Requirements: Android 8 Oreo or above

For users with bugs, there may be preview builds available from the XDA development thread and AdAway official website.
It is recommended to try those builds to see if your issue is resolved before creating an issue.
The preview builds may contain bug fixes or new features for new android versions.

Stable builds

* Android Android 8 Oreo or above

After preview builds have been tested by the more technical or responsive community within the forums, we will then post the stable build to F-Droid.

For devices older than Android 8 Oreo, use the version 4 of AdAway.

Get Host File Sources

See the Wiki, in particular the page HostsSources for an assorted list of sources you can use in AdAway.
Add the ones you like to the AdAway "Hosts sources" section.

Getting Help

You can post Issues here or obtain more detailed community support via the XDA developer thread.


You want to be involved in the project? Welcome onboard!
Check the contributing guide to learn how to report bugs, suggest features and make you first code contribution :+1:

If you are looking for translating the application in your language, the translating guide is for you.

Project Status

AdAway is actively developed by:
* Bruce Bujon (@PerfectSlayer) - Developer
PayPal | GitHub Sponsorship
* Daniel Mönch (@Vankog) - Translations
* Jawz101 (@jawz101) - Hosts list
* Anxhelo Lushka (@AnXh3L0) - Web site

We do not forget the past maintainers:
* Dāvis Mošenkovs (@DavisNT) - Developer
* @0-kaladin - Developer and XDA OP
* Sanjay Govind (@sanjay900) - Developer

And we thanks a lot the original author:
* Dominik Schürmann (@dschuermann) - Original developer
Paypal | Flattr | BTC: 173kZxbkKuvnF5fa5b7t21kqU5XfEvvwTs


AdAway requires the following permissions:


AdAway is licensed under the GPLv3+.
The file LICENSE includes the full license text.
For more details, check the license notes.