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??AidLearning is a powerful mobile development platform, AidLearning builds a linux env supporting GUI, deep learning and visual IDE on Android...Now Aid supports OpenCL (GPU+NPU) for high performance acceleration...Linux on Android / HarmonyOS
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Linux, AI, Python, GUI: 4-in-1 Environments Running on Android. [中文版] [English]

AidLearning is a mobile AI development platform that supports all mainstream development frameworks and tools for deep learning and neural networks.

It has a unique cpu+gpu acceleration technology, that brings a significant boost on performance of deep-learning algorithm by the built-in tflite_gpu module. At the same time, AidLearning also provides developers with popular development tools, such as VSCode and Jupyter Notebook.


The lastest version of release is in the link below (About 20MB):

【AidLearning v0.87F3】


There're two parts of the AidLearning framework: the Linux environment and the AI programming platform.

The Linux environment is composed of Terminal and Desktop. A complete Linux environment on Android is built underlying Linux kernel and busybox command package. Similar to the original Linux system, users can install any dependency package through apt command. Also, a graphical operating desktop based on web is provided for users, which can help them operate directly through touching screen.

AidLearning also provides a cloud desktop function, which means the mobile device is accessable via LAN for computers with Aidlearning Framework.

The AI programming platform part consists of a deep learning framework and a Python visual programming framework. AidLearning contains all the current mainstream deep learning frameworks, which are responsible for model loading, scheduling of computational graphs, memory allocation for each computation, and Op implementation. Mean while, a python visualization development platform, which can run and debug Python code in real time, is created for developers. They can design the app's interface, compile and package it with one click, and quickly develop AI applications through AidLearning's built-in apk dev-tools.

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