Port of Akka actors for .NET
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Akka.NET is a professional-grade port of the popular Java/Scala framework Akka distributed actor framework to .NET.

Akka.NET is a .NET Foundation project.

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Documentation and resources
Akka.NET Project Site
Install Akka.NET via NuGet

If you want to include Akka.NET in your project, you can install it directly from NuGet

To install Akka.NET Distributed Actor Framework, run the following command in the Package Manager Console

PM> Install-Package Akka
PM> Install-Package Akka.Remote

And if you need F# support:

PM> Install-Package Akka.FSharp


Please see Building Akka.NET.

To access nightly Akka.NET builds, please see the instructions here.


If you need help getting started with Akka.NET, there's a number of great community resources online:

If you and your company are interested in getting professional Akka.NET support, you can contact Petabridge for dedicated Akka.NET support.