Aminal - A Modern Terminal Emulator

waning crescent moon Darktile is a GPU rendered terminal emulator designed for tiling window managers.
Under MIT License
By liamg

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Darktile is a GPU rendered terminal emulator designed for tiling window managers.



Install dependencies:

Grab a binary from the latest release, chmod +x it and place it in your $PATH.

If you're too lazy to do the above and you like to live life on the edge, you can pipe this script to sudo:

curl -s "" | sudo bash


Configuration files should be created in $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/darktile/ if the variable is defined, otherwise in $HOME/.config/darktile/.

If you wish, you can create an example config file as a starting point using darktile --rewrite-config.

Darktile will use sensible defaults if no config/theme files are available. The same applies when you omit settings from config/theme files, meaning it is perfectly valid to start with empty config/theme files and add to them as required to override the default behaviour.

Config File

Found in the config directory (see above) inside config.yaml.

opacity: 1.0 # Window opacity: 0.0 is fully transparent, 1.0 is fully opaque
family: "" # Font family. Find possible values for this by running 'darktile list-fonts'
size: 16 # Font size
dpi: 72 # DPI
ligatures: true # Enable font ligatures e.g. render '≡' instead of '==='
image: "" # Path to an image to render as your cursor (defaults to standard rectangular cursor)

Example Theme

Found in the config directory (see above) inside theme.yaml. You can replace this file with a symlink or any theme file from darktile-themes.

black: '#1d1f21'
red: '#cc6666'
green: '#b5bd68'
yellow: '#f0c674'
blue: '#81a2be'
magenta: '#b294bb'
cyan: '#8abeb7'
white: '#c5c8c6'
brightblack: '#666666'
brightred: '#d54e53'
brightgreen: '#b9ca4a'
brightyellow: '#e7c547'
brightblue: '#7aa6da'
brightmagenta: '#c397d8'
brightcyan: '#70c0b1'
brightwhite: '#eaeaea'
background: '#1d1f21'
foreground: '#c5c8c6'
selectionbackground: '#aa8800'
selectionforeground: '#ffffff'
cursorforeground: '#1d1f21'
cursorbackground: '#c5c8c6'

Key Bindings

| Action | Binding |
| Copy | ctrl + shift + C
| Paste | ctrl + shift + V
| Decrease font size | ctrl + -
| Increase font size | ctrl + =
| Take screenshot | ctrl + shift + [
| Open URL | ctrl + click

What happened to Aminal?

The name changed as a result of a near-complete rewrite of Aminal. Also, Google's "did you mean animal?" was getting pretty annoying.

Did Darktile drop Windows/OSX support?

While the project likely won't need much work to build on Windows/OSX, the focus is to develop Darktile for tiling window managers under Linux. If you'd like to get Darktile working for other environments, pull requests are always very welcome, especially when preceded by issues/discussion.