Android Upload Service

Easily upload files (Multipart/Binary/FTP out of the box) in the background with progress notification. Support for persistent upload requests, customizations and custom plugins.
Under Apache License 2.0
By gotev

android plugins binary http multipart-formdata service https notification ssl persistent persistent-data upload ftp background multipart-uploads multipart

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Screencasts from the example app included in this repository:


At the core of the library there is a Service which handles multiple concurrent upload tasks in the background. It publishes broadcast intents to notify status. This way the logic is completely decoupled from the UI. You are safe launching upload requests from your fragments, activities and services without worrying about locking the thread in which you are. Check the wiki to learn how you can use it in your App.

You are also safe if your app is put in the background. All the uploads will continue to be executed also when your device is idle.

Bear in mind that if you kill your app, the service gets killed as well, as it's attached to your app's process and all the currently running uploads will be terminated abruptly.

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