AGM - Angular Google Maps

Angular 2+ Google Maps Components
Under MIT License
By SebastianM

library angular angular2 angular4 angular5 google-maps agm ng2

AGM - Angular Google Maps

Angular components for Google Maps. (Previously known as angular2-google-maps)

Website | Demo | Twitter | Chat | API Documentation


This project is a mono repo and hosts multiple packages:

| Package | Downloads |
| ------------------------ | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- |
| @agm/core | |
| @agm/snazzy-info-window | |
| @agm/markerclusterer | |
| @agm/drawing | |

Playing with AGM (Angular Google Maps)

If you just want to play with AGM and don't want to set up a full project, you can use the following Plunker. It has all the dependencies to play with Angular, Typescript and of course AGM:

» Play with Angular Google Maps on Stackblitz


AGM gets shipped via the Node Package Manager. So make sure that you have NodeJS installed.
You can install the package with the following command:

npm install @agm/core

You should also checkout the Getting started guide for further information.