Angular 10, NgRx and Angular Material Starter

Angular, NgRx, Angular CLI & Angular Material Starter Project
Under MIT License
By tomastrajan

angular bootstrap4 starter-project angular-cli material-design lazy-loading angular-material ngrx

Angular 12, NgRx and Angular Material Starter

by @tomastrajan

Table of Content

Getting started

git clone new-project
cd new-project
npm install
npm start

Useful Commands

Make It Your Own

When using this starter project to build your own app you might consider some of the following steps:

Continuous Integration

Starter project is using Travis CI for running linters and tests on every commit.
Based on your preferences and needs you can either:


The main goal of this repository is to provide an up to date example of Angular application following all recent best practices in various areas like:

This repository will also strive to always stay in sync with releases of Angular and the related libraries.
The nature of the repository is also a great match for first time open source contributors who can add
simple features and enhance test coverage, all contributors are more than welcome!

Learning Materials

Articles with content that explains various approaches used to build this starter project.






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