Best practices checker for Ansible
Under MIT License
By ansible-community

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ansible-lint checks playbooks for practices and behaviour that could
potentially be improved. As a community backed project ansible-lint supports
only the last two major versions of Ansible.

Visit the Ansible Lint docs site <>_


Please read Contribution guidelines_ if you wish to contribute.


The code in the ansible-lint repository is licensed under the MIT_ license. If
you contribute to this repository, that license applies to your contributions.

The ansible-lint project also imports the Ansible python module, which is
licensed under the GPLv3_ license. Because of this import, the GPLv3_ rules
apply to the full distribution of ansible-lint. We maintain the MIT_ license on
the repository so we can fully use an MIT_ license in the future if we ever
remove the runtime dependency on Ansible code.

Installing the ansible-lint python package does not install any GPL
dependencies, all of them are listed as extras.


ansible-lint was created by Will Thames and is now maintained as part of the
by Red Hat_ project.

.. _Contribution guidelines:
.. _Will Thames:
.. _Ansible:
.. _Red Hat:
.. _MIT:
.. _GPLv3: