Ansible Vagrant Examples

Ansible examples using Vagrant to deploy to local VMs.
By geerlingguy

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Ansible Vagrant Examples

This repository contains a collection of example virtual machines running various applications. The VMs are created via Vagrant and provisioned via Ansible.

You can cd into any of the included directories and run vagrant up, and a generic Linux VM will be booted and configured in a few minutes. You just need to install Vagrant, VirtualBox, and Ansible. View the included file in any of the subdirectories to find out more about the particular VM.

All of these examples use a combination of roles I've added to Ansible Galaxy, and were created to help demonstrate Ansible's simplicity and flexibility.

Read more about Ansible and how I use it to manage infrastructure in Ansible for DevOps, a book I've written.

VMs/Apps Currently Present


MIT license.

Author Information

Created in 2014 by Jeff Geerling, author of Ansible for DevOps.