Elegant Microsoft To-Do desktop app
Under MIT License
By klaussinani

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Elegant Microsoft To-Do desktop app


Ao is an unofficial, featureful, open source, community-driven, free Microsoft To-Do app, used by people in more than 120 countries.

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Github Releases

Head to the releases page and download the appropriate installer for your system.


Ubuntu Linux users can directly install through Snapcraft snap install ao


Macos users can directly install through Homebrew Cask brew cask install ao


The version available on Homebrew Cask may not be the latest, since unlike Snapcraft, it is not offically maintained. If that is the case, please consider downloading directly from the Github releases page.


Visit the project homepage to view all features in detail.

Keyboard Shortcuts
Local Shortcut Keys

40+ local keyboard shortcuts. Toggle anything in a flash.

View all the available local keyboard shortcuts.

Description | Keys
-------------------------- | --------------------------
Activate Auto Night Mode | Cmd/Ctrl Alt N
Add Due Date | Cmd/Ctrl Shift T
Add Todo to My Day | Cmd/Ctrl K
Complete Todo | Cmd/Ctrl Shift N
Delete List | Cmd/Ctrl Shift D
Delete Todo | Cmd/Ctrl D
Edit Shortcut Keys | Cmd/Ctrl .
Hide Completed Todos | Cmd/Ctrl Shift H
Jump to List | Cmd/Ctrl 1 - 9
Make Text Larger | Cmd/Ctrl Shift =
Make Text Smaller | Cmd/Ctrl -
Navigate to Next List | Cmd/Ctrl Tab
New List | Cmd/Ctrl L
New Todo | Cmd/Ctrl N
Rename List | Cmd/Ctrl Y
Rename Todo | Cmd/Ctrl T
Reset Zoom Level | Cmd/Ctrl 0
Return to Todos | Esc
Search Todos | Cmd/Ctrl F
Set Always on Top | Cmd/Ctrl Shift P
Set Reminder | Cmd/Ctrl Shift E
Sign out | Cmd/Ctrl Alt Q
Toggle Black Theme | Cmd/Ctrl B
Toggle Dark Theme | Cmd/Ctrl H
Toggle Important | Cmd/Ctrl I
Toggle My Day | Cmd/Ctrl M
Toggle Planned | Cmd/Ctrl P
Toggle Sepia Theme | Cmd/Ctrl G
Toggle Settings | Cmd/Ctrl ,
Toggle Sidebar | Cmd/Ctrl O
Toggle Tasks | Cmd/Ctrl J
Toggle Window Menu | Alt

Global Shortcut Keys

Access Ao at any moment from anywhere within your operating system. All global shortcuts can be customized to match your own preference through the configuration file ~/.ao.json.

View all the available global keyboard shortcuts.

Description | Global Shortcut
-------------------------- | --------------------------
Create New Todo | Cmd/Ctrl Alt C
Search Todos | Cmd/Ctrl Alt F
Toggle Ao Window | Cmd/Ctrl Alt A


For more info on how to contribute to the project, please read the contributing guidelines.

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Ao is an unofficial, open source, third-party, community-driven, free app and is not affiliated in any way with Microsoft.