AriaNg, a modern web frontend making aria2 easier to use.
Under MIT License
By mayswind

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AriaNg is a modern web frontend making aria2 easier to use. AriaNg is written in pure html & javascript, thus it does not need any compilers or runtime environment. You can just put AriaNg in your web server and open it in your browser. AriaNg uses responsive layout, and supports any desktop or mobile devices.


  1. Pure Html & Javascript, no runtime required

  2. Responsive design, supporting desktop and mobile devices

  3. User-friendly interface

    • Sort tasks (by name, size, progress, remaining time, download speed, etc.), files, bittorrent peers

    • Search tasks

    • Retry tasks

    • Adjust task order by dragging

    • More information of tasks (health percentage, client information of bt peers, etc.)

    • Filter files by specified file types (videos, audios, pictures, documents, applications, archives, etc.) or file extensions

    • Tree view for multi-directory task

    • Download / upload speed chart for aria2 or single task

    • Full support for aria2 settings

  4. Dark theme

  5. Url command line api support

  6. Download finished notification

  7. Multi-languages support

  8. Multi aria2 RPC host support

  9. Exporting and Importing settings support

  10. Less bandwidth usage, only requesting incremental data


Mobile Device


AriaNg now provides three versions, standard version, all-in-one version and AriaNg Native. Standard version is suitable for deployment in the web server, and provides resource caching and on-demand loading. All-In-One version is suitable for local using, and you can download it and just open the only html file in browser. AriaNg Native is also suitable for local using, and is no need for browser.

Prebuilt release

Latest Release:

Latest Daily Build (Standard Version):

Building from source

Make sure you have Node.js, NPM and Gulp installed. Then download the source code, and follow these steps.

Standard Version
$ npm install
$ gulp clean build

All-In-One Version
$ npm install
$ gulp clean build-bundle

The builds will be placed in the dist directory.

Usage Notes

Since AriaNg standard version loads language resources asynchronously, you may not open index.html directly on the local file system to run AriaNg. It is recommended that you can use the all-in-one version or deploy AriaNg in a web container or download AriaNg Native that does not require a browser to run.


  1. English

  2. Simplified Chinese (简体中文)


Please visit

Third Party Extensions

There are some third-party applications based on AriaNg, so you can use AriaNg in more scenarios or devices. Please visit Third Party Extensions for more information.