Aurora IMUI

General IM UI components. Android/iOS/RectNative ready. 通用 IM 聊天 UI 组件,已经同时支持 Android/iOS/RN。
Under MIT License
By jpush

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Aurora IMUI


Aurora IMUI is a general IM UI components library, which does not depend on any specific IM SDK.

This library provides common UI components such as MessageList, InputView. It supports common message type, such as text, image, audio, video, etc. By default it has several UI style for choice, and also supports style customization.

We already have Android/iOS/React Native platforms support.

Already supports three main platforms: Android, iOS, React Native.

Please refer to aurora-imui-examples for more examples.



With Aurora IMUI, you can implement these features easily:

Currently support for display and input message types:
- Text
- Image
- Voice
- Video
- Custom


Ready components:


iOS (Swift)

React Native


Welcome contribution! Look at the issues.


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