A cross platform XAML framework for .NET
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? About AvaloniaUI

Avalonia is a cross-platform XAML-based UI framework providing a flexible styling system and supporting a wide range of Operating Systems such as Windows via .NET Framework and .NET Core, Linux via Xorg, macOS. Avalonia is ready for General-Purpose Desktop App Development. However, there may be some bugs and breaking changes as we continue along into this project's development.

(Xaml Control Gallery)

To see the status of some of our features, please see our Roadmap. You can also see what breaking changes we have planned and what our past breaking changes have been. Awesome Avalonia is community-curated list of awesome Avalonia UI tools, libraries, projects and resources. Go and see what people are building with Avalonia!

? Getting Started

The Avalonia Visual Studio Extension contains project and control templates that will help you get started, or you can use the .NET Core CLI. For a starter guide see our documentation.

Avalonia is delivered via NuGet package manager. You can find the packages here: https://www.nuget.org/packages/Avalonia/

Use these commands in the Package Manager console to install Avalonia manually:
Install-Package Avalonia
Install-Package Avalonia.Desktop


Examples of UIs built with Avalonia


(Xaml Control Gallery)

(Xaml Control Gallery)

(Xaml Control Gallery)

JetBrains Rider

JetBrains Rider now has official support for Avalonia.

Code completion, inspections and refactorings are supported out of the box, for XAML previewer add https://plugins.jetbrains.com/plugins/dev/14839 to plugin repositories and install AvaloniaRider plugin.

Bleeding Edge Builds

We also have a nightly build which tracks the current state of master. Although these packages are less stable than the release on NuGet.org, you'll get all the latest features and bugfixes right away and many of our users actually prefer this feed!


Documentation can be found at https://docs.avaloniaui.net. We also have a tutorial over there for newcomers.

Building and Using

See the build instructions here.


Please read the contribution guidelines before submitting a pull request.

Code of Conduct

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For more information see the .NET Foundation Code of Conduct.


Avalonia is licenced under the MIT licence.


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