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Resources for Blazor, a .NET web framework using C#/Razor and HTML that runs in the browser with WebAssembly.
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Awesome Blazor

A collection of awesome Blazor resources.

Blazor is a .NET web framework using C#/Razor and HTML that runs in the browser with WebAssembly.

Contributions are always welcome! Please take a look at the contribution guidelines pages first. Thanks to all contributors, you're awesome and wouldn't be possible without you!

If you need to search on this list you can try this great website: Awesome Blazor Browser.
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ASP.NET Community Standup - Blazor in .NET 6 RC1 (September 14, 2021).

- Find out what's new in Blazor in .NET 6 RC1.
-, YouTube.

.NET Conf 2021 (November 9-11, 2021).

- .NET Conf is a free, three-day, virtual developer event that celebrates the major releases of the .NET development platform. It is co-organized by the .NET community and Microsoft, and sponsored by the .NET Foundation and our ecosystem partners. Come celebrate and learn about what you can do with .NET 6.

What is Blazor?

Blazor is a .NET web framework to build client web apps with C#.

Blazor lets you build interactive web UIs using C# instead of JavaScript. Blazor apps are composed of reusable web UI components implemented using C#, HTML, and CSS. Both client and server code is written in C#, allowing you to share code and libraries.
More information on the official Blazor website.

Get started

To get started with Blazor, follow the instructions in the Blazor Get Started documentation.

Doing the Build a web app with Blazor learning session on Microsoft Learn can also be a good idea. Another great resource to start is the beginner serie by Jeff Fritz on Channel9 or YouTube.



Sample Projects







Machine Learning


Rapid Development Framework




Libraries & Extensions

Reusable components like buttons, inputs, grids and more. See also the Blazor component bundles feature comparison chart.

Component bundles

Individual components



Datagrids / tables

Date & time



Modal, Toast & Notifications




Tools & Utilities

Libraries and extensions for state management, cookies, local storage and other specific tools.
* Fluxor - Zero boilerplate Flux/Redux library for DotNet.
* SignalR - SignalR Core implementation for Blazor. It uses the JavaScript client.
* Blazored.LocalStorage - A library to provide access to local storage in Blazor applications.
* Storage - HTML5 Storage API implementation for Microsoft Blazor.
* Blazor-State - Manage client side state in Blazor using MediatR pipeline.
* bUnit - a testing library for Blazor components - A testing library for Blazor Components. You can easily define components under test in C# or Razor syntax and verify outcome using semantic HTML diffing/comparison logic. You can easily interact with and inspect components, trigger event handlers, provide cascading values, inject services, mock IJsRuntime, and perform snapshot testing.
* Logging - Microsoft Extension Logging implementation for Blazor.
* TextCopy - A cross platform package to copy text to and from the clipboard. Supports Blazor via the Clipboard Browser API.
* CssBuilder - CssBuilder is a Builder pattern for CSS classes to be used with Razor Components.
* Notifications - HTML5 Notifications API implementation for Microsoft Blazor.
* Blazor.Polyfill - Polyfills for Blazor (for Internet Explorer 11 support and some other browsers).
* Blazor I18n/Localization Text - Localizing contents text in Blazor (Demo).
* BlazorGoogleMaps - Blazor interop for GoogleMap library.
* BlazorWorker - Library for creating DotNet Web Worker threads/multithreading in Blazor. Live demo.
* MvvmBlazor - BlazorMVVM is a small framework for building Blazor and BlazorServerside apps. With it's simple to use MVVM pattern you can boost up your development speed while minimizing the hazzle to just make it work.
* Blazor.BrowserExtension - Develop browser extensions/addons with Blazor WebAssembly. Tested with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and MS Edge.
* Cortex.Net - State management like MobX for .NET and Blazor. Documentation.
* Blazor Analytics - Blazor extensions for Analytics.
* Blazor PDF - Generate de PDF document with iTextSharp from a Blazor Server App.
* Blazor SVG Helper - Create SVG elements with children (circle, rectangle, image, text, and others) and render with RenderTreeBuilder.
* BlazorRouter - BlazorRouter is an awesome router inspired by react-router, providing declarative routing for Blazor.
* DataJuggler.Blazor.FileUpload - Wrapper for Steve Sanderson's BlazorFileInput component.
* BlazorPrettyCode - Blazor Code Component for documentation sites. Demo.
* Blazor.EventAggregator - Lightweight Event Aggregator for Blazor (Razor Components).
* Blazor Gamepad - Provides gamepad API access for Blazor.
* Blazor Hotkeys - A library to provide configuration-centric keyboard shortcuts for Blazor.
* BlazorRealm - Redux state management for Blazor.
* Blazor.LocalFiles - Open files in your browser and load into Blazor.
* Blazor.SpeechSynthesis - A library to provide Speech Synthesis API access for Blazor.
* Blazor BarCode – A barcode library for Blazor using barcode fonts.
* BlazorState.Redux - Develop Blazor apps with Redux.
* Howler.Blazor - A Blazor JSInterop wrapper for Howler.js, an audio library.
* jsMind.Blazor - A Blazor JSInterop wrapper for jsMind, a MindMapping tool.
* Blazor Highcharts - A port of the popular Highcharts library. Demo.
* Blazor.LazyStyleSheet - Lazy loading for CSS style sheets.
* Blazor.ScriptInjection - Smart script tags in Blazor components, ideal for lazy loading of javascript files.
* DnetIndexedDb - Blazor Library for IndexedDB DOM API.
* BlazorIndexedDbJs - BlazorIndexedDbJs is a wrapper arround IndexedDB DOM API, supports Blazor WASM and Server.
* Blazor-Color-Picker - Opens a palette with the Material colors for Blazor application.
* Blazor_EmojiFilePicker - Bootstrap Text-Input with Smiley- and File-Support for Blazor.
* Blazor Library Asset Helper - A VISX extension that can list all JS and CSS assets from Nuget package razor libraries you are using in your Blazor app. It will generate all the <script> and <link> tags for your HTML page for you to copy/paste. Available on the Visual Studio Marketplace.
* Blazm.Bluetooth - A Blazor library for connecting to devices using Bluetooth.
* WebBluetooth - Blazor service for the experimental WebBluetooth functions. Based on Blazm.Bluetooth.
* BlazorApplicationInsights - Application Insights for Blazor web applications.
* BracketShow.BlazorNavigationManagerExtensions - Simple set of extensions for the Navigation Manager to simplify its usage for things we are likely to do in most of our Blazor applications.
* BlazorX.NavigationState - BlazorX.NavigationState provides a set of utilities that allow you to observe and bind query strings directly to Blazor components.
* Blazor Printing - Print and save PDF documents with a native print dialog in a Blazor Server or client Application.
* XLocalizer - Easily localize Asp.Net Core web applications with online translation and auto resource creating.
* BlazorTemplater - Use .razor components to render HTML strings for email content.





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