Awesome eBPF

A curated list of awesome projects related to eBPF.
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Awesome eBPF

A curated list of awesome projects related to eBPF.

BPF, as in Berkeley Packet Filter, is an in-kernel virtual machine running programs passed from user space. Initially implemented on BSD, then Linux, the (now legacy) "classic BPF" or cBPF machine would be used with tools like tcpdump for filtering packets in the kernel to avoid useless copies to user space. More recently, the BPF infrastructure in Linux has been completely reworked and gave life to the "extended BPF", or eBPF, which gained new features (safety and termination checks, JIT-compiling for programs, persistent maps, a standard library, hardware offload support, etc.) and is now used for many tasks. Processing packets at a very low level (XDP), tracing and monitoring events on the system, or enforcing access control over cgroups are but a few examples to which eBPF brings performance, programmability and flexibility.

Recently Cilium launched a great website about eBPF called ebpf.io. It serves a similar purpose to this list, with an introduction to eBPF and links to related projects.

Note: eBPF is an exciting piece of technology, and its ecosystem is constantly evolving. We'd love help from you to keep this awesome list up to date, and improve its signal-to-noise ratio in anyway we can. Please feel free to leave any feedback.


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If you are new to eBPF, you may want to try the links described as "introductions" in this section.

BPF Internals

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Hardware Offload



eBPF Workflow: Tools and Utilities




bpftool and Other Tools from the Kernel Tree

User Space eBPF

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Thank you to Quentin Monnet and Daniel Borkmann for their original work on Dive into BPF: A List of Reading Material which became the basis for this list.


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